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This e-book goals to aid scholar academics and present practitioners in instructing arithmetic in potent and artistic methods.

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Appreciation of the need for equal parts. For children to demonstrate their knowledge about fractional notation an openended task is ideal. Many schools have a wonderful variety of regular and irregular shapes, and the wider the range to choose from, the better. Children should have the opportunity to select any shape to draw round, to decide for themselves how many equal parts to divide it into and then how many parts to colour. Fraction notation is then used to record the number of parts coloured, and can also focus on the complementary fraction: the number of parts not coloured.

Cards should be shuffled and put face down. The rungs need to be far enough apart to fit a number card on each rung and the aim is to fill all the rungs; here we see a ladder with six spaces to be filled. There’s a catch, however! The ladder has to have its lowest value at ground level, the next lowest on the first rung, and so on going upwards. So when a number card is picked the children must decide where to position the card (this game draws on probability-related skills) so that each successive card they pick still has a rung it can go on.

How much flour and butter would I need now? Here the multiplier is not as obvious, but we need to know what it is if we are going to scale up the quantities of flour and butter whilst ensuring we keep the ratios the same. Three eggs (the original two eggs plus one more) is 1 12 times the original number, so each of the other ingredients will need to be multiplied by 1 12 too. Common misconception ‘To make my recipe for more people I need to add the same amount to every ingredient’ The issue here is that the learner is thinking about ratio in terms of addition and not multiplication as it should be.

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