Download Essential PHP fast : Building Dynamic Web Sites with MySQL by Simon Stobart BA (Hons), PhD, MBCS, CEng (auth.) PDF

By Simon Stobart BA (Hons), PhD, MBCS, CEng (auth.)

How to create dynamic internet environments utilizing the personal home page language and the MySQL database!
If you're accustomed to the syntax for C, C++ and Java, then Hypertext Preprocessor will look very regular. upon getting received in control with this HTML embedded scripting language, you'll soon be growing dynamic HTML database-enabled websites speedy and simply.
This quickly and useful advent explains:
- how Hypertext Preprocessor works and what a dynamic web content is;
- the software program improvement atmosphere;
- the syntax and lines of the language;
- how Hypertext Preprocessor might be built-in with MySQL databases;
- dynamic database purposes.
Clearly written, this booklet provide you with the entire crucial details you want to create your personal dynamic net environments utilizing Hypertext Preprocessor.
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The value of $ Va r 2 is then assigned to variable $ Va r 1 ( $ Va r 1 = $ Va r 2 ; ) which results in both variables containing the value 65. 1 Assigning a variable by value. When a variable is assigned by value, any changes which are made to the original variable do not affect the other variable. Variable $ Va r 1 is then assigned the value 30, making the value of $ Va r 1 equal to 30 and the value $Varl equal to 65. Assigning a Variable by Reference PHP also supports assigning variables by reference .

Finally, 7A is equal to 122 in decimal which is assigned to the' z' character. Variables in Strings Double quoted strings allow you to use more escape sequences than single quoted strings. So why not just use double quoted strings all of the time? Well,there is another difference between the two types of string: any variables included in a double quoted string will be expanded! What does this mean? Well, consider the following: $name = "Si mon"; $message = "Hel l o, $name" ; $message2 = ' Hel l o, Sname ' ; In the above script fragment, the first line defines a string with the value" Siman".

Note that in the second example the; at the end of the echo statement is missing. > tag. Therefore the semicolon can be omitted when there is a single line of PHP. However, the first example is generally easier to understand and thus all of the examples in this book will be presented in this style. Jumping In and Out of PHP You can jump in and out of PHP mode within a HTML document whenever you like. > In this example, PHP mode is entered in two places. In the first we output the HTML:

This is produced using PHP

and in the second: < >and once a ain with PHP

Echo and Print Statements e c h0 is a PHP language construct.

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