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This simplicity leads to various applications, enabling you to create as many interesting shapes as you like. In this chapter, the flat-pleat type is evolved by various methods. Getting a bit away from the concept of “wrapping a solid” gives more freedom for creating a variety of shapes based on the same principle. 18. Its folded shape is an inverted mirror image. When one crease pattern is placed above the other, their vertical mountain fold lines are aligned at the same intervals, and boundary valley fold lines coincide with each other.

11b meet. The newly added fold lines are shown by thick solid lines. These are obtained by connecting black circles. Place the black circle so that it divides the line segment with the white square on both ends at the ratio a:b = cosθ:1. Set θ to 180°/N, where N is the number of circumferential segments used for making the solid and equals the number of components placed. Therefore, N is 6 in this example. indb 7 7 5/12/16 12:53 PM a b b mountains because the projections should be on the outer surface.

Particularly for 3D pleats, gluing is a must to stabilize the ­finished shape because the twist-closing structure cannot be made. For the cylinder type, the sheet needs to be glued at the edge into a cylinder shape. So, you physically add a glue tab on the crease pattern. Axisymmetric 3D Origami 5/12/16 12:53 PM Let’s Make It (1) Eight-Flap Sphere This 3D origami piece looks as if it is embracing a sphere, the simplest solid. To form a cylindrical shape, the sheet needs to be glued at the edge.

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