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Play the recording again if necessary. You could ask students to practise saying the sentences. Answers 1 letting; apologize 2 frustrating 3 about 4 sorry; enjoyed 5 so; only RO U N D U P You could give students practice in responding to complaints by doing a role play. Ask students to work in groups of three, with a student A, B and C in each group. A and B are passengers. C is a flight attendant. Ask students to look at the list of situations in exercise 1. Give A and B a minute to think of complaints to make about each situation.

Sometimes there’s minimal communication between the pilot and the passenger. It largely depends on what’s going on. I mean they may come on to the inter-phone and just thank the passengers for travelling with them. They may tell them of weather conditions that they’re expecting and of course they will tell the passengers of the local time. Also in that last ten minutes of flight the captain or co-pilot may just advise passengers of any holding. You know, if the flight is being delayed for any reason, but generally it’s, fairly, it’s kept to the minimum in terms of communication.

Answers 1 to be collected: meal trays, drinks, headsets, blankets (rubbish also has to be collected, or ‘cleared in’); to be checked: landing cards, seatbelts; to be handed out: immigration forms (then also to be checked); to be secured: the cabin, the galley; to be stowed: trolleys 2 She hadn’t been given a landing card and there was only ten minutes before landing. Shon’s crew had not advised her of this; there was a breakdown in communication. The woman should have been given the forms well in advance of landing.

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