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By Robin D. Owens

As one of many final surviving Mistweavers, half-blood Jenni is aware what it really is prefer to be stuck among worlds: the faery and the human. however the time has come to settle on. The Lightfolk require her precise expertise for balancing the weather to fend off a deadly enemy—and rescue her lacking brother.Only for Rothly will Jenni take care of those that destroyed her existence. just for him will she conform to paintings along with her ex-lover, Tage, and revisit the darkest corners of her soul. For a reckoning is handy, and he or she on my own has the facility to carry again the forces of dark….

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Jenni snagged her mug from the bedside table, then turned to face south and began her energy cycling. She must match her own energies to the vibration of the interdimension. She drank the tea and let the magical essence of it flicker through her like tiny flames, igniting her nerves so she’d be prepared to enter the gray mist. Make sure the timing was right, longer than if she’d been practicing often. Cool her energy for two minutes. Warm for six. Then hot! She set the empty mug aside, walked beyond the end of her bed and into the middle of the room, faced south once more.

Your brother is missing. ” Aric knew that, he’d been a friend of her brothers’ for years. How much had he told the Eight who ruled the Lightfolk? He was obviously loyal to them. Jenni said nothing, but thought of the half step into a different reality, the gray misty place where the only colors were the elemental energies she could summon—the gold of earth, flaming red-orange of fire, frosty blue-violet of air and the rolling waves of green-blue water. Mystical as the northern lights. ” He stopped as if he felt the flames of anger licking her insides, nearly causing her to lose control of her eye color.

The beggar. He was the real Dark one. He’d created the other, distracted her. She looked down into wet orbs of eyes, wrenched her gaze away. Shudders ran through her. My shadleeches are pretty things, the great Dark one said, in that beautiful voice. His fingers tightened, grinding into her flesh and against her bone. Fear flared and she used it, used her magic to flash heat to her ankle, burn, burn, burn! The “beggar’s” shriek was beyond regular hearing. She was free! She stumbled, limped, saw the bronze doors of a nearby bank and rushed to them.

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