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A History of Korea: From Antiquity to the Present

During this accomplished but compact e-book, Michael J. Seth surveys Korean historical past from Neolithic instances to the current. He explores the origins and improvement of Korean society, politics, and its nonetheless little-known cultural background from their inception to the 2 Korean states of at the present time. Telling the extraordinary tale of the origins and evolution of a society that borrowed and followed from out of the country, Seth describes how a number of tribal peoples within the peninsula got here jointly to shape one of many worlds such a lot precise groups.

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This e-book goals to supply a very good knowing of and standpoint on sustainable shipping in Asia by way of targeting monetary, environmental, and social sustainability. it really is extensively stated that the present scenario and developments in shipping usually are not continually sustainable in Asia, due partly to the fast-growing economic system and the spectacular velocity of urbanization in addition to least-mature governance.

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New approaches to learning are seen to be an essential prerequisite if the needs of the new economy are to be met. No matter how well-developed education systems are, if they are characterised by traditional academic curriculum, traditional forms of rote learning, traditional examination based assessment practices, they are not likely to produce citizens who can contribute to a new ideas based economy. This is a fundamental plank in current curriculum reform agendas in those parts of Asia where further development is premised on technology-driven economic development.

Lifelong Learning and All-round Developmentā€ is our expectation of everyone in this era. Education is infinitely important for everyone. (Para. 3) The development of citizenship curriculum in Hong Kong has to be understood within this multifaceted context of change in Hong Kong. Citizenship education has become a contentious topic since the change of sovereignty was confirmed in 1984 by the Joint Lee 31 Declaration of the British and Chinese governments. Before the handover in 1997, debates and discussions pervaded society over how citizenship education should be develop thereafter.

Yet in the future, all citizens will need to have knowledge, skills and dispositions that will enable them to engage with civic issues. The kind of assessment associated with the reforms can achieve this objective because it is focused on the individual, but external tests imposed on schools for accountability purposes cannot. Aggregated data might provide indicators of system level learning, but they cannot help individuals to learn. Assessment needs to provide feedback to individuals so that they can improve their learning and, unless it does this, learning becomes defined by test results.

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