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By Jacquelyn Frank

He's often called the Warrior Captain - a grasp of each weapon, a fierce soldier sworn to guard his sort. strong, relentless, cruel, Elijah has continually received each conflict he is ever taken on - before. Ambushed by means of necromancers, he's left for useless simply to be came upon by way of the girl who may perhaps rather well carry the ultimate blow...Siena, the Lycanthrope Queen. With 3 centuries of warring, little greater than a decade of uneasy peace has existed among the Lycanthropes and Elijah's humans. Now, after a life of suspicion, the warrior in Elijah is fed on with a distinct conflict - profitable Siena's center via giving her excitement past all barriers. What begins as allure and arousal quickly burns right into a ardour with effects that might echo throughout the a while for either their humans. And as would-be enemies develop into inseparable fanatics, one other possibility ways, one with the facility to break them all...

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She had even begun to feed him the thicker rabbit stew. He was amazed to realize the Queen was no slouch at the fire. One would think such skills were below a member of royalty, but apparently not. It reminded him of Noah. The King stood on very little ceremony and was quite willing to serve his guests himself. Elijah pushed the comparison aside stubbornly. He didn’t want to find any more similarities between her and anyone else he respected. He was having enough trouble as it was from everything else he had been mulling over.

Queen or no, I’m not above—” Elijah cut himself off as he was struck by a wave of nausea frighteningly resistant to his efforts at mental and physical repression. She was by his side before he knew she was moving, inserting herself under his arm to give him support. “I swear, warrior, if you make me carry you one more inch I will be quite annoyed,” she warned, using her considerable leg strength to propel him toward the bed. Elijah had no choice but to follow her lead. She guided him down with surprising gentleness and an impressive show of physical power.

The Queen turned closer to the fire, her back to the sleeping Demon as she continued to fuss with her hair. She had spitted one of the rabbits she had caught earlier and it was now rotating quite nicely in the fire, the rotisserie operated by a battery-powered motor. It clanked and screeched, not appreciating the nearness of the elemental male whose body chemistry was causing it to function at less than peak. Unlike Demons, Lycanthropes were not averse to the use of machines and technology, and those things did not react adversely to them.

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