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China had been infiltrated by the influence of foreigners and was weakened. Korea had fallen under the control of Japan, the new power in the region. Victories over China in 1895 and Russia in 1905 and the invasion of Korea in 1910 left Japan the strongest player and a new world power. Taiwan also was under the control of Japan, having been ceded to the Land of the Rising Sun by China after it lost the Sino-Japanese War. Would the twentieth century continue to be an era of outside influence, regional fighting, and neighbors conquering neighbors, as was the pattern in earlier centuries?

The American occupation of Japan lasted until 1952. THE KOREAN PENINSULA Protests against Japanese rule began shortly after Korea was ceded to Japan in 1910. The Japanese treated the Koreans poorly during their occupation, and this caused resentment to build against the foreign rulers. Because of the resistance, somewhat surprisingly, Japan loosened its grip on Korea during the 1920s. This decade became a time when positive steps were taken in the economic, political, and social arenas. Labor unions organized, and industries started to develop.

Other inventions included the wheelbarrow, seismograph (for determining the strength of earthquakes), and paper. China was rapidly becoming a very advanced civilization by time of the Han Dynasty. China Extends Its Reach Influence of the Han Dynasty reached to Korea, where the Koguryo (Goguryeo) Kingdom was the first to come in contact with the Chinese. This Kingdom was located near today’s Chinese and North Korean border. C. D. 668. It borrowed liberally from the Chinese in architecture and adopted Buddhism as a philosophy of life.

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