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Trosman summarizes: After a two-year preparatory period in Latin, which Freud began at nine, he was a:>signed Livy's History of Rome. Freud read much of Ovid's Metamorphoses, with its poetic rendering of many of the Greek myths. Sallust, the Roman historian, Cicero's Orations, Virgil's Eclogues and The Aeneid, Horace's poems, and Tacitus's History rounded out a rather full exposure to Latin. In Greek, Xenophon's Anabasis and Cyropaedia familiarized Freud with the Greek struggle with the Per- The Early Period 41 sians and with the character and education of Cyrus.

L3 Bergmann points out that in the context of organized Jewish life, Jakob Freud's behavior was neither undignified nor cowardly, but rather noble and wise, since for the Jew the ability to control his anger was a sign of his spiritual superiority, inner dignity, and even heroism. 94 Freud's "Moses of Michelangelo" essay transfers this nobility of spirit to Michelangelo's version of the Hebrew leader, and in so doing Freud makes peace with his father, restoring his ideal. In altering his internal relationship with his father, Freud also opens himself to a new relationship with Jewish tradition.

Moses' staff is a branch from Israel's tree of Ii fe, the Torah; and Israel ... "27 Thus, reminding his son of what the mechoqim, the "lawmakers," received from this Book of Books and of the "vision of the Almighty" Freud experienced himself,2s Jakob connects his son to his early experience with the Bible's treasure. "Since that time," however, Freud had left off studying the Bible. "Min az," a rare usage, may refer ironically to the Jews' complaint to Jeremiah of their troubles since the time they left off their idolatrous worship of the "Queen of Heaven" (Jer.

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