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By Boris Leonidovich Pasternak, Boris Paternak

The Russian Revolution kinds the history to this pretty yet heartbreaking story of 4 youngsters, Yury, Tonya, Lara and Pasha, who locate love merely to lose it back in tragic situations. A vintage love tale, Dr Zhivago continues to be one of many best-loved romantic books of the century. It was once additionally superbly filmed with Omar Sharif and Julie Christie within the top roles.

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I know, that ' s why I ' m crying. They ' ll be after you, Kuprinka, you ' ve got to get away. " " That nice boy friend of yours, Piotr, nearly broke my head! " He meant to make her laugh but she said earnestly: " It ' s a sin to laugh at him, Kuprinka. You should be sorry for him, the poor wretch, the drunkard. " " Antipov ' s been arrested. They came in the night, searched his flat, turned everything upside down, and took him away this morning. And his wife Daria ' s in hospital with the typhus.

When lying under the bed, indignant at all the world, he had thought among other things of this. Who did Voskoboinikov think he was to meddle so outrageously with his life? He ' d teach him where he got off. And that Nadia! Just because she was fifteen, did that give her the right to turn up her nose and talk down to him as if he were a child? He ' d show her! " I hate her, " he said several times to himself. " I ' ll kill her. I ' ll take her out in the boat and drown her. " His mother was a fine one, too.

How did you know he came? " " I saw the water butt was uncovered and the mug on the ice —sure to have been Prov guzzling water, I said to myself. " " How sharp you are, Kuprinka. Yes, he ' s been here. Prov —Prov Afanasievich. Came to borrow some logs—I gave him some. But what am I talking about, fool that I am. It went clean out of my head—the news Prov brought. Think of it, Kuprinka! The Tsar has signed a manifesto and everything ' s to be changed—everybody ' s to be treated right, the peasants are to have land, and we ' re all going to be equal with the gentry!

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