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By Russell Thorndyke

The second one within the sequence of general practitioner Syn novels via Russell Thorndyke. Syn at the excessive Seas starts off the journey of Christopher Syn, a mild-mannered medical professional of Divinity, until eventually tragedy and destiny lead him to a lifestyles at the excessive seas because the bloodthirsty Captain Clegg.

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The Squire's livid face began to change from red rage to an almost childlike bewilderment. In his vast experience of fighting he had never met a man like this with no attack. If only he could snatch a rest in his own defence, and let the other fight, he felt that he would sooner or later get the opening he needed. Instead of which the remorseless steel against him continued to advance with an unbreakable defence. Already they were past the lights, to Doctor Syn's advantage, and the Squire's breathing came in short gasps.

The Squire realized that all eyes were upon something behind his back, and so he slowly turned. A bewildered look came over the Squire's face as he tried to recollect where he had seen this man before who now faced him with a levelled pistol in his hand and grim, determined hate upon his face. He was not long in doubt. “I am Esther Sommers's father,” he said, in a hoarse whisper. ” A flash, a deafening report, and then, amidst a stench of gunpowder, they saw the Squire's great body crumple down upon the boards.

But on each occasion he had company, and I needed him alone. Sometimes in the dead of night I have let myself through the panel, which Charles had made to slide so silently, and have stood in the oak room gloating on what would one night happen there. I noted that he kept his duelling pistols there, and they were loaded. I hoped to use one of these instead of mine own, for the murder would then seem suicide. ” Silently they got into the boat, and the farmer took the oars, rowing with caution against any noise.

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