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She would never have guessed in a million years that he would have gone for Blake. Blake wasn’t bad looking, she had to admit grudgingly. But she was one of those irritating women who thought themselves above everyone else, just because they held a clutch of degrees. Men were unfathomable. They defied all common sense, suckers for any pretty face, never mind the person inside. She pulled out her A–Z from the glove compartment and looked up Gemma’s parents’ address. It would take her no more than half an hour to get to Streatham, she reckoned.

If you’ve seen enough, we ought to be going,’ Donovan said, checking her watch. ’ he asked, as they started to walk back together towards the stairs. ’ Tartaglia tensed, glancing quickly over at Donovan. But there wasn’t a glimmer of anything untoward in her expression. Being realistic, there was no way she could know what had been going on. No way any of them could. At least he hoped so. He sighed. Shit. Shit. Why did it have to be Fiona Blake? 3 The last time Tartaglia had seen Fiona Blake, she’d been lying naked next to him in his bed.

He could see it in her eyes. He was everything she had hoped for, and more. He had filled her dreams for so long and now here he was, Prince Charming, standing in front of her, flesh and blood. On a hot summer’s night, would you offer your throat to the wolf with the red roses? Why did that bloody song keep popping up in his mind? Will he offer me his mouth? Yes. Will he offer me his teeth? Yes. Will he offer me his jaws? Yes. Will he offer me his hunger? Yes. And will he starve without me? Yes.

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