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The ranking I provide it: Failure. i don't believe this booklet grants its promise. rather than "develop your nlp skills", they need to have named it "random psycho-babble". As an NLP coach myself, i will not think a big writer approved this type of manuscript. it is seen nobody there is familiar with whatever concerning the subject. This publication is biased and under-developed. It seems like the writer was once attempting to be as smart as Tony Robbins and nonetheless persuade us that NLP is technology. regrettably, this is often as undesirable because the For-Dummies e-book.

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Whatever we see or hear, it is certain we will misunderstand it – to some degree. ■ We can never eliminate misunderstandings – but this should not deter us from striving to minimise them. Sometimes this can be difficult, especially when it seems as though you’re the only person willing to make the effort. 24 ■ Develop your NLP skills If maps were real we’d all be somewhere else! We start constructing mental maps more or less from the day we are born. It’s how we store our life experience. Yet, as we grow into adulthood, some people make as few new maps as they can by filtering incoming information to such an extent that almost everything is forced to conform to their existing perceptions.

And as a result these are the five elements of any memory to which we pay most attention. ) For those people who have all five senses in good working order it may seem like common sense to suppose that, since we use all of our senses all the time that we are awake, we therefore tend to give more or less equal weight to information coming through all five ‘channels’. And yet most of the time that’s exactly what we don’t do. In order to reduce the flood of The medium is the message ■ 33 incoming information to a manageable stream we ignore large amounts of that information – at a conscious level.

In its most literal form, I might mirror your posture, movements and gestures quite directly. If you lean back, then I will lean back; if you cross your legs to the left, I will cross my legs to the left, and so on. The only difference is that I will leave a pause before copying you, and my movements will be quite slow and subtle. The danger here is that you will detect what I am doing, at least subconsciously, and end up feeling irritation rather than rapport. One way to avoid this error is to simulate just some aspects of the other person’s posture and gestures, leaving a varying amount of time before responding to a given movement.

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