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By Cooper J.W.

This advisor offers guideline for utilizing layout styles in day-to- day programming. It deals suggestion for VB6 programmers on migrating to VB.NET and utilizing its object-oriented positive factors. every one bankruptcy describes a layout development and gives operating visible examples of its program. UML diagrams illustrate the family among a few of the chapter-projects. A significant other CD-ROM comprises instance courses.

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Net is more fully object oriented and we will take it up in the chapter that follows. Nonetheless, even with these limitations, we can use VB’s OO features to write some very sophisticated programs, as you will see shortly. Copyright © 2001, by James W. Cooper 63 5. BUILDING YOUR OWN VB CONTROL One of the great strengths of VB is its powerful visual builder (IDE) environment. It is easy to build complex and sophisticated user interfaces by just dragging a few components onto a form and writing a little code to control their interactions.

For each swimmer, we’d have a first and last name, an age, a club and a time. An efficient way to keep the data for each swimmer grouped together is to design a Swimmer class and create an instance for each swimmer. Here is how we read the file and create these instances. As each instance is created we add it into a Collection object: Dim swimmers As New Collection Private Sub Form_Load() Dim f As Integer, S As String Dim sw As Swimmer Dim i As Integer f = FreeFile Copyright © 2001, by James W.

Classes can also have Property methods for setting and fetching data. These Property methods provide a simpler syntax over the usual getXXX and setXX accessor methods but have no other substantial advantages. Copyright © 2001, by James W. Cooper 57 4. OBJECT ORIENTED PROGRAMMING Object-oriented programming is a little different from earlier kinds of programming because it introduces programming constructs called objects, which contain both procedures and data. In this chapter we’ll begin to understand what objects are and why they make programming easier and less prone to errors.

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