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Groups of twos and threes spilled from the theater’s doors, many of them folding their collars up against the rain. The second show must have ended earlier than usual, or there’d been a problem with the projector—Old Matthew always scheduled her break before any theater patrons straggled in. Most of the moviegoers turned right, walking down the sidewalk toward Harvard Street and the parking garage. One large group of twenty-or thirty-somethings, males and females in tailored trousers, long, belted coats, and chic haircuts, headed straight for the bar.

It’s Lilith,” she said and slammed the door. Ethan’s brows rose, and he looked from the still-quivering door frame to Jake. ” Jake shrugged and moved the toothpick from the right corner of his mouth to the left. “It’s a video-game thing. ” Ethan asked, his voice dry as desert sand. Though based on a book that accurately described Guardians, the game was riddled with errors—but, fortunately, the public assumed both were fiction. ” The toothpick bobbed with Jake’s unapologetic grin. ” Rebecca’s reply came clearly through the door, but this time it was rounded by Jeeves’s cultured voice.

It was no use, but she tried to yell, kicking her heels against his shins, elbowing his stomach and chest. Her struggles were as ineffectual as her screams, and she hated the desperate whistling noises she made almost as much as she hated this thing for scaring her. “Easy, Charlie. ” A male voice. A soft rumble in her ear. ” It cut through her panic, and she had a heartbeat’s time to see the arm extended over her shoulder, and the crossbow in a large, capable hand. A heartbeat’s time to see the dark form launch onto the roof and the shock on his pale face before the bolt thunked into his forehead and he tumbled back over the side.

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