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By Dutta, D. C.; Konar, Hiralal

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Near the internal urethral opening the circular muscle fibers provide involuntary sphincter. (3) Mucous coat is lined by transitional epithelium with no gland. There is no submucous coat. BLOOD SUPPLY: The blood supply is through superior and inferior vesical arteries. The veins drain into vesical and vaginal plexus and thence to internal iliac veins. LYMPHATICS: Lymphatics drain into external and internal iliac lymph nodes. NERVE SUPPLY: The sympathetic supply is from the pelvic plexus and the parasympathetic via the pelvic plexus from the nervi erigentes (S2,3,4).

Of the two umbilical veins, the right one disappears by the 4th month, leaving behind one vein which carries oxygenated blood from the placenta to the fetus. Presence of a single umbilical artery is often associated with fetal congenital abnormalities (see p. 218). 4. Remnant of the umbilical vesicle (yolk sac) and its vitelline duct: Remnant of the yolk sac may be found as a small yellow body near the attachment of the cord to the placenta or on rare occasion, the proximal part of the duct persists as Meckel’s diverticulum.

It is lined by the amniotic membrane. The umbilical cord is attached to this plate. The basal plate lies to the maternal aspect. 4). AMNIOTIC MEMBRANE: It consists of single layer of cubical epithelium loosely attached to the adjacent chorionic plate. It takes no part in formation of the placenta. CHORIONIC PLATE: From within outwards, it consists of (i) primitive mesenchymal tissue containing branches of umbilical vessels (ii) a layer of cytotrophoblast and (iii) syncytiotrophoblast. The stem villi arise from the plate.

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