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Good-bye," said Dolma. " Her laugh rang out merrily. I wondered whether there had been a mocking expression in her face when she added "from Ladakh". When we met again the following day, Dolma immediately talked about the dangers I had faced while spending the night alone in my tent at a place about ten miles from the monastery. "There are many bandits in the neighbourhood," she said. "Early this morning two solitary travellers passed our party of neskorpas* They were in a pitiful plight, having been robbed of nearly all their belongings.

We had arrived at the central court of the monastery where the theatrical performance was to take place. It was to last many hours and the public came along, carrying a fairly large quantity of food and drink. We went on chatting and the time passed very rapidly. The Tibetans are people who take their time. Three quarters of an hour before the time fixed for the show the courtyard and the galleries were already packed with people, although the crowds were perhaps a little smaller than the previous day, when the sungmi had appeared to make a demonstration of his capacity to enter publicly in contact with his gods or demons.

In many cases, both their enthusiasm and sincerity diminish as the years roll by," I said sadly. " I tried to convey to him that lack of enthusiasm and sincerity finds expression in many different ways, which differ widely, whereas sincerity and simplicity leave no room for diversity, and that was why boys were so alike all over the w o r l d ; but my knowledge of Tibetan was too limited to make the boy understand exactly what I meant. "I should like to meet white boys," said Ke Shu K h a Ru suddenly.

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