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By Christine Feehan

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The stranger silently summoned her from around the continents, around the seas. He whispered of everlasting torment, of unending starvation . . . of darkish, harmful wishes. And in some way American health care professional Shea O'Halloran may think his suffering. interested in the some distance Carpathian mountains, Shea stumbled on a ravaged, raging guy, and well-known the loved stranger who'd already turn into a part of her. yet used to be she to be his healer . . . or his prey?

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I don't know if I can make myself believe this. How did you eat? " Her thoughts and questions stumbled over one another in her excitement. I woke rarely, only when I sensed blood nearby. I called creatures to me. You must know you can do that. He was pleased that for once he could give her information. I managed to scratch a hole in the wood to allow them in. Shea could call animals to her; she had been doing it since she was a child. And that talent she and Jacques shared accounted for the rat carcasses she had seen buried in the wall with him.

He wrapped a length of her silky hair around one fist, afraid to wake her, afraid she would be in pain. Shea. Why didn't she ever use his name? Reluctantly he issued the command to awaken her and watched as air rushed into her body, listened to the ebb and flow of blood circulating through her heart. Her eyelashes fluttered. She burrowed against his warmth, unknowing for a moment. He touched her mind cautiously, took inventory. Within moments of awakening, her mind had already begun trying to assimilate all that had happened to her the night before, running through a list of diseases and their symptoms.

Your body's been through a lot. Give it some time. You're already healing amazingly fast. " Two humans, one betrayer. Rage welled up, and for a moment red flames glowed in the depths of his black eyes. Shea's heart nearly stopped, and she jerked backward to put distance between them. He moved faster, his arm a blur. His fingers circled her wrist, preventing escape. His grip was unbreakable— she felt his raw strength—yet he was not hurting her at all. With an effort he pushed down the demons, angry with himself for alarming her.

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