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By Margaret L. Carter

A winning, middle-aged psychiatrist laid low with an unquenchable lust for blood... A vampire serial killer at the rampage... on the age of 40, Dr. Roger Darvell discovers that he's no usual guy. He additionally discovers that vampires exist, and few of them kill as wantonly and cruelly as any monster in a horror movie. whilst a renegade vampire follows Roger from Boston to his new domestic in Maryland and assaults certainly one of his sufferers, Roger needs to come to phrases with the newly found fact approximately his history. And he needs to give you the chance to wreck the killer sooner than his newfound lover turns into the renegade's subsequent sufferer.

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I wouldn't put it quite that way. I've been retained by the District Attorney to assess your mental condition. ” Warren gazed at him without response. “First, this interview is not confidential. I may pass on any-thing you tell me to the prosecution or to investigating officers. ” A slow nod. “Although I'm interviewing you on behalf of the prosecution, my testimony won't necessarily hurt your case. ” He waited for Warren to acknowledge the statement with another nod. The man wasn't simply maintaining a stoic mask; he projected no emotion at all.

His heart racing, he tried to squirm out of Roger's grasp. Both of Roger's hands tightened on the man's shoulders and wrestled him to stillness. Choked with terror, Warren struggled to emit a cry for help. Staring him down, Roger said in a low voice, “You will be quiet. You will not scream. You'll answer when I speak to you, and that's all. ” A jerky nod. Soothed by the circular strokes of Roger's thumbs on his collarbone, the man's heartbeat and breathing gradually slowed. “I'm not going to hurt you.

He sprang up to face the priest. “Dr. ” The man was slightly plump, with a fringe of sandy-gray hair. “I'm Father Hale. ” Too late to back out now. ” Roger glanced at the carved mahogany doors to one side of the nave. “Sometimes those little boxes could be a device for evasion, I'm afraid,” said Father Hale, leading the way through a dusty back hall to the office. His blue eyes flashed a challenge at Roger. ” He followed the priest into a room dominated by a wide desk that barely left space enough to navigate between bookshelves and overstuffed chairs.

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