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For the pale perfect face of his sister K'reen, dead by his own unknowing hand, still haunted him and only his former mentor's blood would ease the torment he felt at the fiendish trap the shrewd hunter had set for him. Scarred but undefeated, having pried apart the serrated jaws of that trap, he now wished to stalk his hunter so that, one way or another, the last account should be settled. The decks had already been cleared of the bulk of the carnage. Over half the ship's crew had died in the battle but, Moichi told him matter of factly, nearly one and half again the number of corpses of the plumed warriors had been cast into the sea.

The residue of the great black tide pushed them onward, almost due south, and was soon joined by a stiff following wind out of the eastern quarter. At first, they had tried to tack away from it but even furling the "'gallants had not slowed their flight and, in the end, Moichi had shrugged and said to Ronin: "We must be patient and ride it out. " And Ronin, who had learned long ago to bend before forces which he could not control or understand, reluctantly agreed. For a time he had stood quite still, with the salt wind whipping his stained sea cloak about his body, calling silently to her.

Reprinted by permission of Doubleday & Company, Inc. Contents ONE DROWNED I Sails 3 Heart of Stone 29 God game 57 Aviator 77 TWO BEYOND THE MYTHS OF MORNING 77 Down the Kisokaido 79 Sakura 94 Bujun 128 Deathshed 138 THREE KAI-FENG 147 Horse Latitudes 149 Nemesis 172 Frozen Tears 193 The Dai-San 228 As in the play, the man wears a mask. Beneath the mask is the myth. Behind the myth is the image of God. Bujun saying One DROWNED sass Ronin. It floated in his mind like a scented jewel. An island, an oasis in a turbulent, flashing stream.

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