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By Alexander S. Konstantinov

This quantity is devoted to Professor Igor Konstantinovich Lopatin in social gathering of his eightieth birthday. Igor Konstantinovich is a renown taxonomist, prolific writer, leading edge organic explorer, and revered instructor who proficient enormous quantities of scholars and through his specialist lifestyles used to be (and nonetheless is) an suggestion and a mentor for ratings of taxonomists. His tireless enthusiastic paintings formed generations of Belarusian zoologists, introduced a large and regular appreciate of systematics right into a neighborhood clinical neighborhood. yet most vital, he taught us that gathering and learning beetles, small and large, shiny and uninteresting, is a noble factor to do. Contributions assembled during this quantity mirror Lopatin's highbrow breadth and various clinical pursuits. a few dwells on Lopatin's curiosity in biogeography of arid parts of the Palearctic describing zoogeographic connections among wilderness faunas of heart Asia, Iran, and Afghanistan, and leaf beetle fauna of the Hermon Mountains in Israel. different contributions replicate Lopatin's curiosity in host plant relationships, e.g. discovery of an extraordinary crucifer in Turkey being eaten through a good rarer flea beetle. Many contributions are revisions and keys for id in approximately all significant teams of beetles. a few are checklists, faunistic notes, ecological reviews, and plenty of include descriptions of latest taxa in lots of beetle households. This booklet could be an crucial resource of knowledge on beetle taxonomy, range, biogeography, and host plant relationships. will probably be important for entomologists, ecologists, extension scientists, entomology scholars, comparative morphologists and evolutionary biologists operating throughout beetle taxa and anyone drawn to beetle id.

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