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By Robin Ramsay

Conspiracy theories are all right here, yet not only covered as much as be ridiculed and brushed aside. For one of the absurd conspiracy theories at the moment proliferating on the web, there are nuggets of actual learn approximately actual conspiracies ready to be mined. absolutely sourced and referenced, this book is a significant exam of a desirable phenomenon.

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It was all faked in a movie studio, they said, a large-scale piece of political propaganda in the Cold War with the Soviet Union. The 1978 film Capricorn One, with one O. J. Simpson among its cast, dealt with this in fictional form – an early example of the post-Watergate conspiracy climate being reflected in Hollywood. At first glance this is profoundly implausible and stupid. A conspiracy that big would involve hundreds, maybe thousands, of people keeping quiet for decades. It just could not be done, could it?

On the moon there is only one source of light. ’ Over a decade ago, I met someone who believed that derogatory information about him was being inserted into novels and radio programmes. The evidence was not convincing. There was nothing in the paragraphs that he pointed out to me. ’ But, I pointed out, there was not a shred of evidence that such a society existed. In any case, he was manifesting all kinds of other symptoms of paranoia. He thought that all his phone calls were taped and that his house was bugged and so on.

In the last few years it has been revealed that American as well as Soviet military and intelligence services have been examining many of these areas since the late 1960s – while routinely rubbishing other people who pursued them. See for example Jim Schnabel, Remote Viewers:The Secret History of America’s Psychic Spies (New York: Dell, 1997) and Armen Victorian, Mind Controllers (London:Vision, 1998), chapters 9 and 10. 20. An acquaintance of mine reported that, in late 1999, in a branch of Waterstone’s book shop in London the section headed ‘Alternative History’ was considerably bigger than the section just marked ‘History’.

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