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A advisor to training adolescence baseball, reviewing the background and ideas of the sport, reading the talents of hitting, fielding, and working and sliding, describing each one place, delivering recommendation on operating a tradition, and discussing profitable, festival, motivation, and conditioning.

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Again, although your CPR and first aid training will guide you, you must remember the following: • Do not move the injured player if the injury is to the head, neck, or back; if a large joint (ankle, knee, elbow, shoulder) is dislocated; or if the pelvis, a rib, or an arm or leg is fractured. • Calm the injured player and keep others away from him as much as possible. • Evaluate whether the player’s breathing has stopped or is irregular, and if necessary, clear the airway with your fingers. • Administer CPR as directed in the CPR certification course recommended by your school, league, or state association.

Even so, two 12-year-old boys might differ by 90 pounds in weight, a foot in height, and 3 or 4 years in emotional and intellectual maturity. This presents dangers for the less mature. Whenever possible, you should match players against opponents of similar size and physical maturity. Such an approach gives smaller, less mature youngsters a better chance to succeed and avoid Coaching Tip injury while providing more mature players If your players vary largely in size and with a greater challenge.

These four steps: 1. Stop the bleeding by applying direct pressure with a clean dressing to the wound and elevating it. The player may be able to apply this pressure while you put on your gloves. Do not remove the dressing if it becomes soaked with blood. Instead, place an additional dressing on top of the one already in place. If bleeding continues, elevate the injured area above the heart and maintain pressure. 2. Cleanse the wound thoroughly once the bleeding is controlled. A good rinsing with a forceful stream of water, and perhaps light scrubbing with soap, will help prevent infection.

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