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By Jeffrey Richter

Dig deep and grasp the intricacies of the typical language runtime (CLR) and the .NET Framework 4.0. Written by means of a very popular programming professional and advisor to the Microsoft(R) .NET workforce, this advisor is perfect for builders development any type of application-including Microsoft(R) ASP.NET, Windows(R) types, Microsoft(R) SQL Server(R), internet prone, and console functions. You’ll get hands-on guideline and wide C# code samples that will help you take on the cruel themes and enhance high-performance functions.

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Today, when most applications are installed, they affect all parts of the system. For example, installing an application causes files to be copied to various directories, updates registry settings, and installs shortcuts on your desktop and Start menu. The problem with this is that the application isn’t isolated as a single entity. You can’t easily back up the application since you must copy the application’s files and also the relevant parts of the registry. In addition, you can’t easily move the application from one machine to another; you must run the installation program again so that all files and registry settings are set properly.

This means that every programming language must be able to access fields and call methods. Certain fields and certain methods are used in special and common ways. To ease programming, languages typically offer additional abstractions to make coding these common programming patterns easier. For example, languages expose concepts such as enums, arrays, properties, indexers, delegates, events, constructors, finalizers, operator overloads, conversion operators, and so on. When a compiler comes across any of these things in your source code, it must translate these constructs into fields and methods so that the CLR and any other programming language can access the construct.

Now, whenever the CLR loads an assembly file, the CLR looks to see if a corresponding NGen’d native file exists. If a native file cannot be found, the CLR JIT compiles the IL code as usual. However, if a corresponding native file does exist, the CLR will use the compiled code contained in the native file, and the file’s methods will not have to be compiled at runtime. On the surface, this sounds great! It sounds as if you get all of the benefits of managed code (garbage collection, verification, type safety, and so on) without all of the performance problems of managed code (JIT compilation).

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