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By Hari G. Garg, Charles A. Hales

Advances in warmth move is designed to fill the knowledge hole among on a regular basis scheduled journals and collage point textbooks by means of supplying in-depth evaluate articles over a broader scope than is allowable in both journals or texts.

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There are other possible forms of the left-hand side of the momentum equation VAT equations that will not be pursued at this time. volume averaging theory 49 The homogeneous volume averaged electron gas energy equation for a heterogeneous polycrystal becomes   *W C *t K ; 1 · (W V )2 : 9e1nV · E2 9 k 1 · (nV T )2 C C K C K C C K (W 9 (3/2)k T ) C M , ; 1 · (k T )2 9 C C K ^ ^ C\M (147) or *1W 2 1 C K ; · 1W V 2 ; C C K *t  * 1KQ (W V ) · ds C C K k  (nV T ) · ds C C K 1KQ ; · [+k , (1s 2+T , )] ; · [1s 2+k T , ] C K K C K  C C K +k , *T 1 C K C · ds .

Assuming constant thermal properties, the two equations can be combined, yielding a onetemperature equation *T *T 1 *T 1 *T J; C J : J; J, (109) *x C *x*t *t C *t 2 2 2 where the thermal diffusivity of electron gas , equivalent thermal diffusivC ity , and thermal wave speed C are defined by 2 2 K K K G C , C : C . : C, : (110) 2 C C C C 2 C ;C C J C J C Tzou [96] later proposed a unified two-fluid model to derive the general hyperbolic equation with two relaxation times and , 2 O 1 *T * *T ( T ) : ; O , (111) T ; 2 *t *t *t which he argues is the same equation derived from two-step models in metals.

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