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By Michael Priestley, Mark Mason

Each one web page comprises an eye-catching graph, chart, or desk with inquiries to aid young children learn and interpret the knowledge. contains bar and line graphs, circle graphs, schedules, pictographs, and many extra. an ideal method to construct on little ones pursuits and get ready them for standardized checks.

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What was the greatest number of people who rode the Scrambler in one day? 4. What was the most common number of riders per day on the Scrambler? 5. Which ride clearly had the most riders? 6. How many riders went on the merry-go-round on that ride’s busiest day? 7. What was the smallest number of riders on the roller coaster in one day? 8. On how many days did more than 160 people ride the roller coaster? 9. On how many days did fewer than 100 people ride the Scrambler? 10. Which ride had the most days with 30 or fewer riders?

S. 1996 Sydney, Australia Athens, Greece Beijing, China 2000 2004 2008 Source: World Almanac and Book of Facts, 2004 48 Charts, Tables & Graphs © Michael Priestley, Scholastic Teaching Resources Name Date Olympic Sights and Sites (continued) 1. Where did the Winter Games take place in 1972? In 1984? 2. Where did the Summer Games take place in 1988? In 2000? 3. In what years were the Olympic Games held in Japan? 4. Including 1960, how many times have the Olympic Games been held in the United States?

Look at the time line below to find out. Then answer the questions. The World’s Most Important Inventions Safety pin 1849 Lawn mower 1831 1800 Electric razor Washing 1917 machine Transparent 1901 tape 1930 Cash register 1879 1850 1824 Portland cement 1900 Paper clips 1860 Linoleum floor covering Source: World Almanac and Book of Facts, 2004 1893 Zipper 1928 Bubble gum 1923 Frozen food Disposable diapers 1950 1950 Garbage bags 1948 Velcro® 1. When was the safety pin invented? 2. When was frozen food invented?

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