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By Thomas Ricento and Terrence G. Wiley (Editors)

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A Companion to the Philosophy of Language (Blackwell Companions to Philosophy)

Written by means of a world meeting of best philosophers, this quantity offers a survey of up to date philosophy of language. in addition to offering a synoptic view of the major matters, figures, thoughts and debates, every one essay makes new and unique contributions to ongoing debate. issues coated contain: rule following, modality, realism, indeterminacy of translation, inscrutability of reference, names and inflexible vacation spot, Davidson's software, that means and verification, purpose and conference, radical interpretation, tacit wisdom, metaphor, causal theories of semantics, gadgets and standards of identification, theories of fact, strength and pragmatics, essentialism, demonstratives, reference and necessity, id, which means and privateness of language, vagueness and the sorites paradox, holisms, propositional attitudes, analyticity.

The Phonology of Catalan (Phonology of the World's Languages)

This is often the main entire account of Catalan phonology ever released. Catalan is a Romance language, occupying a place someplace among French, Spanish, and Italian. it's the first language of six and a part million humans within the northeastern Spain and of the peoples of Andorra, French Catalonia, the Balearic Islands, and a small sector of Sardinia.

Геральдический словарь-атлас на 6 языках

Геральдический словарь, в котором представлены изображения и названия 530 геральдических фигур на 6 языках: французском, английском, немецком, испанском, итальянском, голландском.

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