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By Rudyard Kipling

A pampered millionaire's son tumbles overboard from a luxurious liner and falls into luck, disguised within the kind of a fishing boat. The gruff and hearty workforce train the younger guy to be worthy his salt as they fish the waters off the Grand Banks of Newfoundland. Brimming with experience and humor.

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They could see that the bedraggled boat was a wreck. Her rigging was knotted and tangled like a weed. Her jib-boom was barely held together with nails and clamps. Long Jack shook his head. ” Disko asked. “She ain’t safe,” Tom Platt agreed. ” As the boat drew closer, a gray-bearded man appeared. In a low voice he called out something that Harvey couldn’t understand. Disko’s face darkened. He waved his arm up and down, gesturing the motion of a man at the pumps. Abishai’s whole crew mocked him and laughed.

The satisfying smell of food filled the air. It also seemed heavenly to see Disko and the others, all alive and solid. The next morning brought extra hard work. By now, the We’re Here’s hold was nearly full of cod. The same was true of the Parry Norman. The two were neck and neck to see who would finish the season first. After dressing-down, it seemed to Harvey that the boat couldn’t hold another cod. But Disko 62 Captains Courageous 09/26/06 8:58 AM Page 63 Heading Home at Last • 7 and Tom Platt stacked the fish even higher.

The others were always eager to hear him tell about his life on shore. ” It had taken Harvey a couple of days to realize that no one except Dan believed them. ) So Harvey invented a friend—an imaginary boy to substitute for himself. This boy drove a four-pony cart. He ordered five suits of clothes at a time and gave people presents made of solid silver. Everyone listened eagerly to Harvey’s tales. ” He began to have a different view of fine clothes, fancy 39 Captains Courageous 09/26/06 8:57 AM Page 40 CAPTAINS COURAGEOUS dinner parties, perfume, and gold watches and rings.

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