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That, however, may make it seem question-begging. To avoid giving such an impression, I will begin by taking the critics’ case against Aristotle’s treatment of metaphors in their own words. It is important to recognize the type of construction that Aristotle takes as paradigmatic in speaking of metaphors. In the example he presents, Achilles is referred to as a lion rather than called a lion. , Achilles] leapt rather than this: (2) Achilles is a lion. Both Cicero and Quintilian, perhaps following Aristotle, also cite constructions of this first type in their discussion of metaphors.

Here A’s ironic remark, by inviting a criticism, amounts to a confession. A can also speak ironically to B about some third party C. It is sometimes useful to draw a distinction between the targets of an ironic remark and those other respondents who are not targets. ) Finally, out of the class of respondents, some may be naive, others informed. A may speak ironically to naive B for the amusement of a sophisticated third party C. Thus Mark Twain offered elaborate praise for the doggerel verse of Sarah Orne Jewett, much to the amusement of his intellectual friends.

Not suffering from amnesia, the comparativist, unlike many of his critics, knows that similes, as figures of speech, present figurative, not literal, comparisons. With a simile, “one thing is likened to a dissimilar thing by the use of like” (Lanham 1991, 140). Thus the treatment of metaphors as elliptical similes is not a reduction of the figurative to the nonfigurative; it is rather a specification of the kind of figurativeness metaphors possess. Metaphors are elliptical figurative comparisons.

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