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By Will L. Graver

Garver's vintage Occult novel, initially released in 1894. The reader is swept besides Alphonso Colono as unusual adventures, coindences, and happenings stalk his each circulation!

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Durant thus cold and unsympathetic, in marked contrast to his usual nature, I took up the letter and continued: Remember the teachings of your youth, and work with all your energies for the higher life. Remember the unsatisfactory and delusive nature of all things earthly, and seek only the eternal. My son, I see dark clouds now hanging around you, but it is necessary that it should be so. For, if thou wouldst join the Souls who love, thou must pass through trials, for it is only thus that strength is gained.

An hour later, having driven until our horses were a little warm, we stopped at the Louvre. Entering the great picture gallery, our attention was immediately attracted by a large crowd standing before a picture that had apparently only recently been placed on exhibition. As we approached, a tall, Oriental-looking man with an orange-colored turban on his hand, left the crowd, and as he passed us I heard him soliloquize: “Dangerous; the sacred truths must not be thus revealed. ‘Tis rash, ? ” Turning to the picture, which was of exceptionally large size, the first thing that attracted my attention was the predominance of mystic symbols.

A curly-headed Frenchman now claimed her attention and turned seek my peasant sister. As I was vainly searching to find her, the veiled woman in BROTHER OF THE THIRD DEGREE 54 black came out of a side door just as I was passing. That same thrill of pleasure ran through my frame, the same panting breath; now is my time, I thought, I must speak to her. ” She turned, but even under her veil her face was masked. ” she asked in English. The voice was not the same, but perhaps this was because of language; before she had spoken in French, in which language I had addressed her, and which she therefore understood.

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