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Maybe you feel more dominant at work, or when you’re teaching somebody something, or when you have a girlfriend who expects the best from you. If you’re out at a club, and your friend isn’t as good with women as you are, you’ll probably find yourself taking the lead and feeling in a great state. You’ll be so caught up in playing the role that’s expected of you – the role that your friend is literally giving you – that you won’t hesitate or second-guess yourself. On the other hand, if you’re out with a guy who has more skill than you, you might find yourself watching what he is doing, and have a hard time playing your own game because you’re trying to keep up with him.

But it becomes unstable as soon as he realizes that the girl really likes him. Ironically, he can meet and attract her competently, but as soon as he realizes she might like him he doesn’t know what to do. He feels an emotional boost because of the girl’s positive reaction, but he fears losing the boost more than losing the girl. He doesn’t think he has the social skills to maintain her interest, so he leaves with her phone number when she wanted a lot more. And if he calls her the next day, he feels anxious because his confidence hasn’t built up steam.

You knew that you looked sharp. Girls looked over at you and people seemed to give you more respect. Naturally, that made you feel good and you even played up the role. At the time you probably thought that it was the new haircut or the clothes that got you the positive responses. But think about it: time has passed and your style has changed. If you were to wear the same clothes you wore a few years ago, would you feel the same confidence? Probably not. People would respond differently to the exact same clothes, because the way that the clothes made you feel has changed.

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