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And Cormier, P. (1985) 'Cognitive "addition": comparison of learning disability and normally achieving elementary school children', Cognitive Development 2: 249-69. P. (1997) 'Mathematical learning disabilities: a view from developmental psychology', Journal of LearningDisabilities 30 (1): 20-33. F. S. B. S. : Allyn & Bacon, pp. 237-62. , Keys, W. and Fernandes, C. (1997) Third International Mathematics and Science Study, Report on Nine-year-olds, Slough: National Foundation for Educational Research.

This chapter will also draw upon a long-term project which: • over a number of years investigated children's early constructions of mathematics outside school; and • identified what their class teachers made of this at school entry and throughout the children's first year in school. The general principles described here are very compatible with the Dutch 'realistic' mathematical assessment practice introduced in Chapter 1. In fact, van den Heuvel-Panhuizen (1990) has developed group tasks for young children who have received no formal mathematical teaching, cannot read or write and have no experience of assessment.

4 +_ = 6 3. 5+_ = 8 4. 6 + _=10 5. 4+_ = 9 6. Puppet wants to buy a bag of sweets, so I gave him 5 pence. But wait, he says he really only needs 4 pence. Can you fix it so he gets 4 pence? Repeat for the following conditions: 7. 6-_ = 4 8. 5-_ = 2 9. 8-_ = 4 10. 9-_ = 4 Tick the correct responses and note any interesting comments or behaviour. Record the score, computed by counting the number of times the child produces the correct response to addition tasks and the number of times the child produces the correct response to subtraction tasks, with a total of 5 for each.

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