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By J. M. Dillard

A category one clinical emergency summons the EnterpriseTM to the Federation outpost Tanis. There, a grisly shock awaits them. of the lab's 3 researchers are useless, their our bodies virtually solely tired of blood. There aren't any clues, no documents in their examine, no remnants in their paintings. there's purely the outpost's sole survivor, Dr. Jeffrey Adams, who holds the key of what occurred at Tanis, and may now take place aboard the firm.

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The light shone on the man's neck, which had been slit from ear to ear in a hideous, gaping grin. An old-fashioned scalpel dropped from his limp fingers. " Stanger averted his eyes quickly. " "She's been dead for some time. Both bled to death. You can see how pale they are. " Stanger shook his head. " McCoy sighed. At times like this, his medical knowledge seemed a useless burden. "I can beam him up to the ship, and by the time I get him pumped full of enough blood to make a difference, the damage to the brain-" Frowning, Stanger interrupted.

Our only living one, actually. And, intriguingly enough, he's severely anemic. " McCoy's expression became thoughtful as he speared a piece of chicken and chewed it. "It's a weird bug he has. I've never seen anything like it-and frankly, I have the gut feeling it's been genetically engineered. Stop rolling your eyes, Spock. The lab's running tests on it now. " Kirk frowned. "That's a new one on me. " "Porphyria. I doubt you've heard of it before. Of course, I'm sure Spock has-" "Porphyria," Spock recited.

He wasn't particularly squeamish by nature, but with the headache. "Forgive me, but I believe you mentioned that the throats of both victims had been slit," Spock said calmly. " "Yes, but Stanger and I examined the area around the bodies-with a flashlight, mind you; kind of spooky down there, in the dark-before we moved them, and there wasn't as much blood as there should have been. Yoshi-that's the man, Adams says-was face down with his carotid slit. " "Approximately-" Spock began. Kirk looked up from his cup of coffee in dismay, but McCoy came to the rescue.

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