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Blackjack Secrets

E-book by means of Wong, Stanford

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As soon as you see the dealer's ace, begin considering whether you should buy insurance. Table 3 gives the minimum counts per deck for which insurance is a good bu~ as a function of number of decks shuftled together. 4. My suggestion is to use +3 as the decision number for more than two decks. Note that the number you use from table 3 is based on the total number of decks used, rather than on the number of decks yet unseen. 3 10 UnfUnite 47 HIGH-LOW SYSTEM Early Surrender At some casinos, you have the option of early surrender; that is, you may surrender before the dealer checks the hole card.

You can practice estimation with a deck of cards. Randomly select a group of six to ten cards and glance at them briefly: Write down what you think the count is. Then count those cards exactly and see how close you were on your estimate. If you fail to estimate accurately in practice, do not rely on your estimates in casino play: Ifyou estimate accurately in practice, then start your running count with your estimate in casino play: You should never use estimation when an exact count is possible.

Practice counting with a deck of cards. Shuffle the cards and turn them up one at a time, while keeping a running count. In addition to counting one card at a time, you should practice with two-card combinations since you often see two cards at a time in casino pla)T. You should practice until you are very fast and never make a mistake. Practicing at a casino costs money: It Table 2 ffigh·Low Count Card 2,3,4,5,6 7,8,9 10,J,Q,K,Ace Count +1 0 -1 HIGH-LOW SYSTEM 41 is less expensive to become perfect - or thereabouts before going to a casino.

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