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If you return with your device, you can be arrested on a disorderly conduct charge. Atlantic City casinos are now lobbying for a tougher law. See George. See David. See Cornpucount. See Casey. See Uston 21Counter. See Fred. [3n8 The Perfect Blackjack System ReN Vol. 10,#3] [12/83 Wong Hidden Blackjack Computers BJW 199] [3/84 Snyder Wired to Win: Concealable Computers BJF 4] [9/84 Gwynn How Good Can a Pocket Blackjack... BJF] [9/85 Snyder "Devices" Outlawed in Nevada BJF 14] [3/86 ... Judge Rules Device Law Unconstitutional BJF 19] [87 The 1964 Blackjack Computer BJF] [88 Man VS Computer BJF] [4/89 Morningstar Blackjack Confidential 32] [90 Patterson Blackjack: A Winner's Handbook 68] [Sept 90 Byte MagaZine] [12/90 Rose Nevada Casinos Panicked Over...

A private blackjack game, popular in the Northeast, where the deal rotates from player to player. [81 Uston Million Dollar Blackjack 316] cage. Where the casino cashier is located. Casinos have a habit of placing the cage in the back or farthest point from an entrance or exit. California blackjack. An ace and a nine. A facetious expression. [87 Clark Dictionary of Gambling & Gaming 34] At time of writing, several other Provinces were preparing for casinos including a large casino in Windsor, Ontario.

The profiting from opportu- crimping. {CHS}. A cheating method of nities created by casino competition by the use of positive expectation gaming coupons. See funbooks. See matchplay. See lucky bucks. bending a card to identify it for future play. ] Cruise ship gambling has become a growing phenomenon in recent years. For example, although Aorida voters rejected casino gambling on the state's territory, it can't stop ships from offering gambling once they get 3 miles off the coast. It is interesting to note that most of the cruise ship companies in this country are foreign owned and most are registered in other countries.

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