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The tale of the delivery of the cinema starts in a Parisian theater in 1895 whilst a road scene of horses and carriages unexpectedly starts off to move--and reportage, shuttle movies, tales, and experiments with colour and song quickly stick with.

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Starting in 1896, Melies projected photographs" as part a device called the April some "animated of his show, using Kinetograph. He began by presenting film strips from the Edison Kinetoscope, and then moved on to films he had made himself in the Lumiere style. When He Discovered the Camera's Unsuspected Properties, Melies Launched into Production One day while filming the Place de l'Opera in Paris, Melies would later say, the film jammed in his camera. He freed it and resumed shooting. When the sequence, to his great surprise he saw he projected a bus change Les Illusions Fantaisistes ( Whimsical 1909) is Illusions, a vanishing act recalling the Robert- Houdin Theater style.

34 INVENTION AFTER INVENTION So the feed mechanism played a vital role, and it is on this critical point that a solution was most eagerly awaited in the 1890s. Fred Ott, who worked for Edison, performs his specialty in front of the Kinetograph. Fred Ott's Sneeze (opposite was the right) first film ever officially copy- The Most Enigmatic righted, of the Unlucky Inventors of Cinema 1894. On on 7 January The strip ran in a continuous loop on the Kinetoscope (below). September 1890 a who had boarded 16 man the express train for Paris at Dijon, in eastern France, disappeared without a explanation would ever be found.

Writer Louis-Ferdinand Celine later remembered his feelings in 1901 at the age of seven: "We was the same price, one franc for every seat, 100 percent silent, without sentences, without music, without captions, just the whir of the machine. " stayed for three shows in a row. It ment, an organ in wood, was placed beside the cash register. spectators. with the growth of intertitles, point out a digression. pride of the establish- The barker helped attract would be understood. This colorful craft disappeared inspired by art nouveau 53 Topical films, historical tableaux, comedies, dramas, fantasies, trick scenes, risque scenes, and religious pageants —motion were soon divided into strict genres.

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