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By Alexandra Ivy

Salvatore Giuliani isn't really a cheerful werewolf. it is his accountability as chief to trace down the pureblood adult females who can hold his humans from extinction. however the second he catches smell of Harley, a pureblood held by means of a pack of mangy curs, his savage want for her obliterates all different instincts. And the single factor worse than being captured is discovering that lovely, self sustaining Harley defiantly refuses to develop into his mate. Harley has been taught to mistrust all Weres, in particular their conceited king. She will not be used for breeding or bonded opposed to her will, now not even to a guy who makes each nerve tingle with knowledge. but Salvatore is her key to saving the relations she by no means knew she had - if she dares to succumb to his darkish, predatory wish, and face a vicious enemy sworn to damage them both...

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Or that he'd been hunting her for years. Damn his black soul. She wished he'd never shown up, she told herself sternly. But now that she had him caged, she wanted answers. Hiding her unease behind a mocking smile, Harley pushed open the door and stepped inside. The basement was divided in half, one side being a high-tech lab where Caine practiced his scientific voodoo, and this side being an equally high-tech prison. Usually the three silver cages were used for curs who were stupid enough to piss off Caine, but over the past months Caine had installed the triggered traps in the yard to discourage intruders.

Hard to believe this hideous day had just gotten worse. Moving to the wall of debris that blocked the tunnel, he sent out his sense to find his curs. ,Hess? he shouted. Levet coughed at the cloud of dust that filled the air. ,Are they...? ,They're injured, but alive, Salvatore said, able to pick up the heartbeats of his pack, although they were currently unconscious. ,Can we dig our way through to them? ,It would take hours, and we risk bringing even more down on our heads. Of course. Why the hell would it be easy?

Harley studied the too-handsome face. Caine didn't want her near Salvatore. The question was, why? ,If you're afraid he might escape, that's all the more reason I should keep watch on him. The blue eyes glowed in the dim light of the hall. ,I have curs to take care of guard duty. You have better things to do with your time. She shrugged. ,Not really. Besides, I want to talk with the Were. ,Talk to him about what? ,Does it matter? His fingers tightened on her arm. ,Of course it does. ,Why? ,I don't want you exposed to the filth he's bound to spew.

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