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By Monte Cook, Wolfgang Baur, Colin McComb, Ray Vallese

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The press gangs are comprised of ordinary 3rd-level fighters. Their leaders are priests who fight duels among themselves for the right to marry into the pure blood of the Phrengal family. They are a nest of asps, and anyone who deals with them should be sure to watch their purses, their backs, and their honor. The Phrengals are notorious for luring clients into morally questionable behavior. This isn’t unusual activity for Carrigmoor’s current natives, but those who visit the city should be warned.

Alloyed struts and intricate arabesques hold the sheets of resistant glass in place, and the smoky orange of the planet’s core below throws stomach-upsetting light through the dome. Visitors must make a Fortitude save (DC 13) after spending an hour here or suffer from nausea for 1d10 minutes. Nauseated creatures are unable to attack, cast spells, concentrate on spells, or do anything else requiring attention. The only action a nauseated creature can take is a single move action per turn. For hauling, riding, and afghûl-hunting outside the dome, the locals use a flightless bird called the istrakh—an omnivorous relative of the ostrich, adapted to breathe both the somewhat sooty air of the city-dome and the acid-filled air outside the town.

It flew up to us and studied us for a time, as if it thought we might find some pleasure or meaning in its music. We didn’t. Then, without warning or asking his leave, the creature touched Nevor with a thin tendril and healed his wounds. ” —Taebor the Dauntless, in his book Avidarel, the Dead Plane As remnants of the sun’s former glory, memories of starlight are strange creatures that hold within them the only chance for life this plane will ever have. Each of them is a fragment of the seed of a new plane that could be born within the corpse of dead Avidarel.

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