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Click Finish. Figure 1-10. qxd 11/18/06 3:45 PM Page 9 CHAPTER 1 ■ GETTING OUR TOOLS Figure 1-11. SSMSE setup completion SSMSE is now installed. Installing the SQL Server Documentation The SSE documentation is part of BOL. To install BOL: 1. microsoft. mspx. Click Go. 2. On the next page, click Download. 3. When the File Download - Security Warning window appears, either click Run or click Save and specify your install folder. ) 4. msi, which starts the BOL installation process. When the Open File - Security Warning window appears, click Run.

Qxd 11/18/06 3:43 PM Page 23 CHAPTER 2 ■ GETTING TO KNOW OUR TOOLS shows that SSMSE supports Auto Hide (as well as many other Visual Studio features for configuring your working environment). You’re positioned in the first row and column of the grid, and the status bar alerts you that the cell is read-only (because the column is an IDENTITY column and SSE populates if for you), but you can change table data from the grid. For example, if you moved to the LastName column, the alert would disappear and you could modify the value.

Figure 2-1. Opening SSMSE 2. The Object Explorer and tabbed Summary windows will appear, and you should be connected to your SSE instance. You should see a screen as in Figure 2-2. The top node in Object Explorer should be your SSE instance, and the Summary tabbed window should display folder icons for the five other nodes in Object Explorer. Expand the Databases node in Object Explorer. Figure 2-2. qxd 11/18/06 3:43 PM Page 19 CHAPTER 2 ■ GETTING TO KNOW OUR TOOLS 3. There should be two nodes under Databases: System Databases and Northwind.

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