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A masochistic nymphomaniac tells her personal hugely sexed tale of the way she seduces the most eldritch oddballs within the state!

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A slight breeze chilled the water on his flesh and helped to ease the weariness that seemed to be as much a part of him of late as his thirst for revenge. He hung his head as he squatted there, feeling the exhaustion creeping up on him. Had he not been conscious of being followed, he would have taken out his bedroll and curled up under the stars to sleep for an hour or two. But the keen awareness of the situation made him watchful and as he stood, he looked around him—a natural thing under any circumstances, he thought—but saw no rider hanging back along the road from Samarkan nor did he hear furtive sounds of approach.

Evann-Sin realized the tall woman was uglier than he’d first thought, for the closer she got to him, the harsher were the planes of her wide face. He winced when she opened her mouth in what was no doubt meant to be a seductive smile, for he got a glimpse of rotting teeth like jagged tombstones behind her thin lips. So disgusted by what he saw, he said nothing as she put her thick hands on his table and leaned toward him. ” Sylviana challenged. ” The thought of such an act brought bile to Evann-Sin’s throat.

You smell of jasmine,” he said huskily, and nipped at the sweep of her right shoulder, his teeth sending shivers throughout her lower body. ” she asked breathlessly, for his tongue had replaced his teeth in traversing the plane of her shoulder. “It does, though gardenia is my favorite scent,” he answered, shifting his weight so he could plant tender kisses down her spine. His manhood dragged down her leg, leaving a slight wetness behind as he pushed lower in the bed.

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