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By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Whilst the inventor Perry fires up his burrowing prospector, it runs uncontrolled, plunging him along with his younger protege into the centre of the earth. There, rather than being destroyed by means of the molten lava they look forward to finding, they become aware of an internal global of surprising savagery and unearthly attractiveness. right here powerful dinosaurs nonetheless roam along beasts by no means visible on the earth above. And to their horror, they locate themselves all of sudden enslaved in a land the place people are governed via the reptilian and evilly clever Mahars. some of the most profound early impacts at the technology fiction and fable style, Edgar Rice Burroughs is now most famed for his Tarzan sequence, even supposing he wrote many stories that experience captured the imaginations of generations of readers, together with the Martian adventures of the Barsoom series, the Pellucidar series, of which this quantity is the 1st, and the tales of Carson on Venus.

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My plan worked like magic. From the previous slowness of the beast I had been led to look for no such marvelous agility as he now displayed. Releasing his hold upon the tree he dropped on all fours and at the same time swung his great, wicked tail with a force that would have broken every bone in my body had it struck me; but, fortunately, I had turned to flee at the very instant that I felt my blow land upon the towering back. As it started in pursuit of me I made the mistake of running along the edge of the forest rather than making for the open beach.

The use that he was putting them to was precisely that for which nature had intended them. The sloth-like creature was herbivorous, and to feed that mighty carcass entire trees must be stripped of their foliage. The reason for its attacking us might easily be accounted for on the supposition of an ugly disposition such as that which the fierce and stupid rhinoceros of Africa possesses. But these were later reflections. At the moment I was too frantic with apprehension on Perry's behalf to consider aught other than a means to save him from the death that loomed so close.

But on both occasions those lithe, powerful tails reached out and found sustaining branches, nor did either of the creatures loosen their grasp upon me. In fact, it seemed that the incidents were of no greater moment to them than would be the stubbing of one's toe at a street crossing in the outer world--they but laughed uproariously and sped on with me. For some time they continued through the forest--how long I could not guess for I was learning, what was later borne very forcefully to my mind, that time ceases to be a factor the moment means for measuring it cease to exist.

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