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Welcome to the backwards, wrong-way, mixed-up country of Lidd. it is the magical domestic of fake good judgment puzzles, and you need to resolve them! simply examine the location, attempt different recommendations, and look for inconsistencies. decide on a degree of trouble, from one-star "challenging" puzzles to three-star "mind-expanding" ones.

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SE7EN David Fincher’s grim, gory neo-noir 1995 film stars Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt as detectives on the trail of a fanatically religious serial killer (Kevin Spacey) who, in various unpleasantly apt ways, kills those he judges to be 33 committing the Seven Deadly Sins (see here), starting with an obese man killed by extreme force-feeding. THE SEVEN SAMURAI A seminal Japanese film about ... seven samurai (technically ronin, see here), who are brought together to defend a village against marauding bandits.

25, also stops at every bus stop, but this time only picks up the smaller number of commuters who’ve turned up in the last 10 minutes, thereby spending less time at each stop, while the first bus, only a few stops ahead, is still picking up lots of people. This 55 second bus begins to catch up with the first one. The third bus gets even closer as the number of commuters waiting on the route decreases further, and so the process continues. After rush hour, it tends to even out a little, though, as there are far fewer people, and buses can be spaced out without making people late.

The television series 24 and Scrubs, among others, have been shrewder, incorporating real phone numbers as promotional devices – the number for CTU actually belongs to the 24 production staff, while Scrubs’ Dr Chris Turk is assigned the number 1-916-225-5887 – 1-916-CALL-TUR (k) – which connects to an answering machine and a message from cast members. NUMBERS STATIONS These cryptic radio transmissions are broadcast all over the world, usually on shortwave bands, and consist mainly of 58 long spoken lists of numbers.

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