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5 Wild geese of Yen, peacocks of the Windy Shore. Tall Chutsai sat under the phoenix tree. -That Baghdad banker contracts to double the revenue, him collecting. Four times might be exacted, but such taxation in~overishesthe people. No litigation. The laws were simple. IS. Jengiz: Ghenghis Khan. Questions How much annotation does this poem really need? Does the past's substantiality grow greater or less, or remain unchanged, as the poem progresses? 3. When does hair mildew (line 13)? What does "our cities' woven hair" (line 12) imply about the nature of cities?

T h e "sparkless ashes" in line 9 are those of the body when the heat of creative enthusiasm has departed, an image that draws gravity from the evocation, in the final words, of a funeral urn. This elaborate metamorphosis of image into image is unusual, though single unstated images are frequent in Shakespeare. Here as in the Ode to the West Wind (page 2 6 2 3 Shelley's propulsive rhythm prevents the inattentive reader from complaining of obscurities. 2. It should perhaps be pointed out that, at the time the poem was written, steak was a staple of lower-class diet.

Inertia, daintiness vs. massiveness, and so on). " W h a t does he add to the meaning by using a stone? Why a rizossy stone? 2. Does the violet in any way need the stone which exists in so sharp a contrast beside it? 3. W h a t is Lucy related to as a violet is related to a mossy stone? Consider what the last two lines of stanza I tell you about her environment (and note that these lines mean exactly what they say; they don't say she wasn't praiseworthy). Did her special qualities in any way need for their production this surrounding massive indifference?

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