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By Lori Lach, Catherine Parr, Kirsti Abbott

Comprising a considerable a part of dwelling biomass on the earth, ants are crucial to the functioning of terrestrial ecosystems. greater than 12,000 species were defined to this point, and it truly is expected that maybe as many nonetheless look forward to category. Ant Ecology explores key ecological concerns and new advancements in myrmecology throughout a number scales. The publication starts with a world viewpoint on species range in time and house and explores interactions on the group point prior to describing the inhabitants ecology of those social bugs. the ultimate part covers the new ecological phenomenon of invasive ants: how they flow around the globe, invade, impact ecosystems, and are controlled via people. each one bankruptcy hyperlinks ant ecology to broader ecological ideas, presents a succinct precis, and discusses destiny examine instructions. useful features of myrmecology, functions of ant ecology, debates, and novel discoveries are highlighted in textual content packing containers in the course of the quantity. The e-book concludes with a synthesis of the present nation of the sector and a glance at interesting destiny study instructions. The huge reference record and whole word list are priceless for researchers, and people new to the sphere.

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8–5 Mya), climate fluctuations caused wet periods to alternate with regimes of cooler and drier weather. During the same era, rising sea levels alternately inundated and reconnected the Sunda Shelf landmasses. Phylogenetic studies of Crematogaster have yielded insights into the climatic and geographical changes that accompanied these events. One clade of Crematogaster ants, the subgenus Decacrema, evolved an extremely close relationship with trees of the Macaranga genus in Sundaland. The ants live exclusively in the hollow stems or domatia of the trees and consume food bodies in the leaves.

Based on the DIVA, the crown group Tapinomini, the sister group of all other extant dolichoderines, arose in the Afrotropics < 60 Mya. The sister to the remaining dolichoderines, Bothriomyrmecini is estimated to have their crown group origin in the Indomalaya region. g. species in the genera Bothriomyrmex, Technomyrmex, Liometopum, and Tapinoma). The genus Dolichoderus 26 ANT ECOLOGY (¼tribe Dolichoderini) was not evaluated in the analysis but the crown group is currently widespread, being absent only from the Afrotropics.

Tokelau consists of three isolated low-lying oceanic atolls which comprise 11 km2 of terrestrial habitat, making it the nation with the world’s smallest land area. Intensive sampling on the atolls recorded 28 ant species, with perhaps no natives or endemics, but a recently assembled community of humandispersed tramps (Abbott et al. 2006). BIOGEOGRAPHY At the opposite end of the age and diversity spectrum lies Madagascar, a very old island long isolated in the south-west Indian Ocean. Above 95% of its more than 1,000 ant species are endemic to the island, having arrived from Asia and Africa after Madagascar had been split off from Gondwanaland over 120 Mya (Fisher 2003).

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