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A multifaceted reference e-book for the twenty first century, the reply booklet will fascinate with updated, authoritative, and forever attention-grabbing information regarding the area at the present time. From earth sciences to astronomy, from weather and habitats to human arts and cultures, from old historical past to state-of-the-art expertise, and together with short descriptions, flags, and data of the entire nations of the area, it supplies precisely the type of quick-dip details that glossy readers crave. Maps, charts, diagrams, graphs, photos, illustrations—some six hundred photographs in all—combine with thousands of quick proof and brief items at the humans, locations, flora and fauna, climate, heritage, and present occasions that topic in our global this day. nationwide Geographic resolution e-book is an important reference for faculty, a convenient source on the place of work, and a wonderful pick-up-and browse better half at domestic.

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M31 (above), for example, is also known as the Andromeda galaxy. Our solar system resides in an arm of the Milky Way, a spiral galaxy some 100,000 light-years long from end to end. Our sun and planets revolve once around the center of the Milky Way every 250 million years. Scientists studying galaxies have recently discovered that they are not randomly distributed but rather clump together in clusters, lined up at the same distance from one another, forming a kind of great wall. The Milky Way belongs to a cluster called the Local Group, which contains the Andromeda and M33 galaxies as well as about 30 dwarf galaxies.

A: w I0... <{ I U OL o oco a: w 5 V'> z <{ FAST FACT Calendar of solar eclipses: E. Pacific and ASia. July 22. 2009; S. South America, July I I. 20 I0; N. Australia and S. PaCific. 2012; N. AtlantiC. Faroe Islands. and Svalbard. March 20. 20 IS. FOR MORE FACTS ON THE CHARACTERISTICS & INNER WORKINGS OF THE SUN see The Sun. CHAPTER 2, PAGES 54-5 + THE SUN'S ROLE IN THE ORIGIN OF EARTH'S LIGHT see Ugh" CHAPTER 3, PAGES 108-9 WHAT ARE SOLAR FLARES? Solar flares are sudden eruptions on the surface of the sun, such as those shown below and opposite.

For example, the 20° W meridian and the 160° E meridian divide the planet into the Eastern and Western Hemispheres. n Z « YEAR-ROUND WARMTH, thanks to Earth's orientation to the sun, makes the region between the tropic lines-such as Icacos Island, off Puerto Rico-the planet'S playground. Australia, and New Zealand, and the Western Hemisphere as North and South America. The tropics is the name given to the region that lies between the 23° 30' line of latitude north of the Equator and the line of latitude 23° 30' south of the Equator.

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