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By Kenneth Turnbull, Jeffrey Sabol, Peter Norris

The 1st 3 chapters of this most modern quantity are organised by way of response style. Later chapters take care of equipment of synthesizing heterocyclic platforms, using conserving teams and synthetically valuable alterations. the ultimate chapters bargains with experiences and are divided through particular issues. truly organised overview of synthetically worthy details. Emphasize on quick visible retrieval.Extensive use of references.Beneficial to just about all natural chemists, either experts and nonspecialists in synthesis.

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JOC, 67, 2027. , Jr. et al. OL, 4, 4671. 02 ((S~]o 1. CF31,(Me2N)2C=C(NMe2)2 HO~ TH v, -20"C-~ rt M~" 2. G. et al. JOC, 67, 4680. 6. 6-1 Yoshimatsu, M. et al. JOC, 67, 1078. M. et al. OL, 4, 3843. CH2(CO2CH2CF3)2 , , R-OH, DEAD or ADDP, PPh3 ...... -T. et al. S, 523. R. et al. JOC, 67, 8239. K. JACS, 124, 12424. I Pd(OAc)2, dppp, TEA . . 80~ . . . W. JCS(P1), 725. " Ph CARBON-CARBON BOND FORMING REACTIONS 15 I . A . 7 . a . l - 2 Ragoussis, V. et al. ; Hansch, M. CC, 1218. 8 R~ ! + R1-CHO -~ CO2K H20, 60~ 6h 75-90% R1 I .

OL, 4, 4583. MO~Me~ Ph 1. LDA, LiCI, Bn-Br, THF _- 2. J. et al. JCS(P1), 1748. 2-15 Zaragoza, F. JOC, 67, 4963. R/'OH 1. iPr2NEt, EtCN, 97"C 2. A,3, Alkvlations of [I-Dicarbonyl. ; Moberg, C. et al. -L. et al. J. et al. JOC, 67, 4209; Tomioka, K. et al. -C. et al. C. CC, 2512; Ding, K. et al. ; Muller, G. et al. CEJ, 8, 4164; Gong, L. et al. ; Gomez, M. et al. K. SL, 2083; Zheng, Z. et al. TL, 43, 9179 and TA, 13, 1687; Morales-Morales, D. et al. JOM, 654, 16; see also: Moyano, A. et al. JOM, 660, 62.

Et al. A. et al. CEJ, 8, 5652. l-10 Mangeney, P. et al. F. et al. JOC, 67, 9414. Bn LDA u/N--~ + OHC-R tB CN THF, -80~ Bn, tBu/ t~ "",OH CN 20-90% anti:syn = 2-19:1 CARBON-CARBON BOND FORMING REACTIONS 17 I . A . 7 . a . l - l l Abiko, A. et al. M. V. et al. S, 1973; Enders, D. et al. -Y. A. et al. -H. R. et al. J. F. et al. ; Loiseleur, O. et al. OL, 4, 3811. ; Kalesse, M. TL, 43, 5093 and SL, 2007. ~TBS MeO~~ TBS~ + Me OH~ . , Jr. JOC, 67, 72. l-14 Bellassoued, M. et al. JOC, 67, 5611. ~ ~ ~ R 1 R I'BuLi'THF"70~ I + ..

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