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CA CS3. 22. Location Where was Knossos? CA CS3. 23. Movement If you traveled from Athens to Troy, in what direction would you be going? 5. How did the geography of Greece influence where people settled and how they made a living? 6. How did the building of ships affect Minoan civilization? 7. Which group built the first Greek kingdoms? 8. How did the Greek colonies help industry to grow? 9. What are Greek city-states also known as? CA CS3. Ancient Greece Section 2 • Sparta and Athens 10. Why were tyrants able to seize control from Greek nobles?

Explain how these similarities and differences affected the result of the Persian Wars. 3 Facts and Opinions Reread the quotations from Xenophon (page 364) and Pericles (page 366). Determine whether these statements are facts or opinions. Write a paragraph about each quotation explaining your decision. ; HR5. REVIEW ARROWS Look for the Review arrows that tell you are reviewing material you have learned before. Read the passage below and answer the following question. Linking Past and Present 27.

The Mycenaeans created the Re 500 kilometers Lambert Azimuthal Equal-Area projection Reading Summary Greek communities developed. Tyre EGYPT R le Ni 0 1. Movement Which islands were 0° home to Greek colonies? 2. Location On which continents could Greek colonies be found? ASIA MINOR 40°E 500 miles 0 342 Cause and Effect How did the founding of new colonies affect industry? Black Sea ITALY Sicily E As Greece recovered from its Dark Age, its population rose quickly. , citystates could no longer grow enough grain to feed everyone.

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