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One of the Mushrooms - A consultant For novices is gifted right here in a top quality paperback version. This renowned vintage paintings by way of Caroline A. Burgin is within the English language, and should no longer contain pics or photos from the unique variation. when you benefit from the works of Caroline A. Burgin then we hugely suggest this book on your ebook assortment.

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Extend down the stem. This genus contains many brightcolored and shining species. We are obliged to refer to the hymenial layer in this place, though the beginner will scarcely understand the meaning of the term. The distinguishing peculiarity of this genus consists in the cells changing to a waxy mass. In the chapter on the structure of mushrooms we have gills, ' In the young plant it forms the framework of the gills. ; CLASSIFICATION OF FUNGI. tried to explain the something about the cells and Hymenium.

In this genus the tubes are free and distinct from one another. They are somewhat fleshy and grow upon wood. POLTPORUS = many pores. The pores or tubes in this arate from one another. fungi, genus are not sep- They DAEDALEA = curiously The name of dalus, are persistent most of them growing upon wood. who this wrought. genus is derived from Dae- constructed the labyrinth at Crete, which the monster Minotaur was kept. It was one of the seven wonders of the world. These fungi grow on wood, and become hard.

The gills are rounded behind and free, entirely separate from stem, white, then flesh-colored, but often tinged with yellow. The cuticle is sometimes covered with fibres, or with a bloom upon it (pruinose). The apex of the stem is inserted in the cap like a peg, and in this it resembles the Lepiotas. The species grow on or near trunks, appear early, and last until late in the season. ENTOLOMA = within and fringe. This genus resembles Tricholoma, which belongs to the white-spored Agarics and Hebeloma, which is rosy-spored.

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