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AI prentice " Bunchy" Carter and John Huggins were murdered on the UCLA campus in Los Angeles by gunmen from a black organization funded by the federal government. On the same day in New York Panther Joan Bird was arrested in . a parked car near the scene of an alleged sniper attack. _--' . ' • t ) . •· ' . . . Erica Huggins was one of those arrested in New Haven on the Rackley frame-up. In January , 1 9 69 she lost her husband John, assassinated on the UCLA campus. She moved to New Haven after that and worked in the Panther chapter there .

Kunstler (is) on record as your attorney. Mr. Seale: He is not. He is not my law­ yer, and you k now it . The Court : He is. I don't knowMr. Seale: You k now that . You have made your choice of who you think sh ould represent me. I make the choice of Charles R. Garry to represent me . The Court : We are going to recess now , young man. If you keep this upMr. Seale: Look, old man, if you keep u p denying m e my c onstitutional righ ts, . 41 you are being exposed to the public and the world that you do not care about people's constitutional rights to defend themselves.

The government claims that police are hired to serve and protect the people. If this were true , police would live in the same communities they police . They would have no fear of the . common people. There would be no need to arm cops with M-1 6 rifles, machine guns, Stoner Rifles (that shoot through walls) , tanks, that threatens their existence. They give each child a sense of his or her place in society, pointing out what is wrong with that society, why it is wrong, and what to do about it.

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