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From the Ash'afi school, one written by the founder of the school, al-hsâ~~~ and al-~anrhid," both written by an important AshW theologian, AbÜ Bakr Mdymmad b. amayyib al-BZqillàlii (d. 29 Guillaume, "Introduction," ix. Ibid. 31 Al-Ash'afi, al-fbàùa 'an Usa al-DiyS~a,tram. and introduction by Walter C. Klein (New Haven, Connecticut: American Oriental Society, 1940, reprinted by Kraus Reprint Corporation, New York, 1967). '* A l - M d , Ki'tab a l - L w :tram. Richard J. McCarthy, S. J. (Beirut : Imprimerie Catholique, 1953).

S uhayr Mukhtk, "Introduction," 19. " Ai-Shahrastàni, Ma/s fi al-J21ulq wa doAmr, ed. MuQammad Rida Jalàli Niilni (Tehran, l34Y 1964) " Ai-Shahrastan?. amrnad Fath Allah Badràn (Cairo: Maktabat al-AnjlÜ al-Misriyya, 1956), 2 vols; ed. afZ al-Bàb? al-Jali wa Awladihi, 1961), 2 vols; Ma11su"at af-MiZai wa aI-Ni&d', ed. trans. William Cureton (London, 1846), 2 vols; Religinspparrhe md PhiIophen-Scden, t rans. Dr. Theodor Haarbrllcker (1850); Taaqib al- 'hal-Kdk which has been edited and translated into Engiish by A b d Guillaume;7s 4) Ai-Shahrastarii's translation of al-E&an al+abb*s Fus2 Arba'a 'an F i Z s ~ w ain his book ai-Ma&& chapter on a/-IsmàT@which al-Shahrastarii included in his al-Md wa &-Ne& 5 ) Mas 'da fi Iibat al-Jawhar a l a l F ewhich Alned Guillaume had annexed to his edition of the book N'iûZyaat al-lqdh fi 'h al- Kalam;6) Maf* ai-Asrai wa M MW* H al-Abraiwhich is in Persian;" and 7) Ki'tib 'at al-FalaSifa,edited in Arabic by Suhayr MuWtàr.

The R o y ~hstiçute f in February-May 1870 (Varianashi, India: Bharat a Manisha, 1972). Mircea Eliade, The Sacred and the Phofme, 76e Nat- of Refigron (Flonda: Harcourt Brace & Company, 1987), 216; see &O Daniel L. Pals, "Introduction" to Seven Theon& ofRelig70n (New York,Oxford: Odord University Press, 1996), 3. Daniel L. Pals, "Introduction", 4. Max Müller, Introduction, 74. , ai-Miial wa sl-Nha4

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